Life is Good in Ecuador

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I decided to open Galapagos Connoisseur. In these 5 years we have created unique tours and experiences to show our guests how good life is in Ecuador. I never wanted to create a generic travel company, instead I’ve always treated my guests like my friends, teaching them what is really important in our country and culture. That’s what travel and life is all about, and it will be a pleasure sharing it with you.

Food is good in Ecuador 

One of the best parts of traveling is tasting the local food. We have created 3 Foodie Tours for you to experience Ecuadorian cuisine like a true local
Cooking Class Experience Quito

Experience life as a Quiteño!                                 Explore the unique sights, smells, and tastes of one of the oldest and most traditional markets in Quito. Learn how to cook a local 3-course meal at a beautiful locale in Old Town Quito. Enjoy a delicious meal, great company, and, make new friends in Quito!

Foodie Tour Quito

Taste the 10 Famous Foods of Old Town Quito!        Go along with Andres (the owner) on a foodie scavenger hunt. Together we will explore Old Town Quito looking for and tasting the 10 Famous Foods. We are the only travel company that offers this experience.

Afternoon Coffee Tour Quito Chocolate Tasting Empanada Class

Vintage Quito is fun and tasty!                                Relive yesteryear Quito on our original and exclusive tour. Hunt down the best coffee in Quito, go for a chocolate tasting experience, taste the renowned Canelazo cocktail and learn how to make empanadas like a boss! 

We get it, Galapagos is Ecuador's call to fame ....

We understand that the main reason for coming down to Ecuador is visiting the Galápagos Islands. I don’t blame you really. The Galapagos are a magical place that you cannot begin to understand unless you’ve experienced it first-hand. Nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for this trip of a lifetime. But…its confusing and overwhelming to find the perfect Galapagos cruise that will match your travel dates, budget and special requests. 

We make Galapagos easy for you

  • You can use our nifty Galapagos Search Engine below, choose the best option and hit that inquire button. We will be ready to secure your dream Galapagos cruise.
  •  Contact us directly (please send us your phone number) and we can schedule a call to discuss everything and anything Galapagos related.