Huasquila Ecuador Amazon Lodge
Huasquila Lodge

A great experience in the Ecuador Amazon

Lodge location

The Huasquila Lodge is located in a private reserve next to the Sumaco National Park and the Ecological Reserve Antisana in the Ecuador Amazon. It is located in the province of Napo just 3 hours from the city of Quito via Tena and its elevation is 800 meters which makes it mosquito free, where the Andean mountain range ends and the Amazon begins.

Why take a trip to the Huasquilla Lodge?

It is the ideal destination to share time with family or friends and enjoy the charms of nature. Its geographical location allows its visitors to carry out various activities and learn about the culture of the Kichwa community. Every corner of this place transmits the energy and mysticism of the sacred valley of Cotundo and of the Amazon region where you can discover new species of flora and fauna never before seen. Thus, creating a unique and unforgettable experience that will surely make you come back to this magical place.

Accommodation and Amenities

The Huasquila Lodge boasts spacious social areas, a restaurant, a pool, a jacuzzi and 20 cabins with a terrace built in the Quichua style with materials from eastern Ecuador and equipped with all the necessary amenities. Seven of these cabins are 100% wheel-chair accessible. 

Connoisseur Amazon Tip:

If you are looking for a destination in the Ecuadorian Amazon that combines relaxation, Amazon rainforest, culture, and adventure, Huasquila is your best choice. Live the magic of the Amazon in one place!

Huasquila Lodge Information

Huasquila Lodge Activities

Beginner Rafting – Class II

The family rafting experience in the Anzu river is perfect for beginners as no experience is needed at all, making it the best introductory contact with white water rivers for people that do not have much practice at swimming or kids that are just learning. The easy rapids and stretches of calm water allow the adventurer to jump off the boat at any time and swim around as much as they want to, the jungle scenery seen throughout the entire trip is beautiful and there is no dangerous wildlife around or inside the river, on the contrary, this river is widely known as one of the best birdwatching spots. Kayaking experts in safety kayaks accompany us in our journey down the Anzu River at all times in case of an emergency. Includes lunch, shuttle, pictures and you can even bring your pet in the boat! The duration is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Huaysa Yaku Waterfall

The Huaysa Yaku natural pools are a gem in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, freshwater streams are perfect for bathing and relaxing after the hike. These pools are located at the end of the road to El Cando, it includes four natural pools, one more beautiful than the others. As soon as you arrive here, you will be able to see the final pool and waterfall that flows into the great Jatun Yaku river. Here you will have plenty of places to sample local food and buy drinks so you only need to bring your shoes and swimming gear.

Latas Waterfall

This is a recommended trip for all levels of adventure, ideal for the entire family, small kids, teenagers, and adults. The waterfall is located 12km from Tena it is accessible from the road to Misahualli. There are two options, a 15 min walk through the forest that ends in a waterfall with crystal-clear water ideal for refreshing on a sunny day, or, a 30 min walk for adventurers that love hiking in the jungle, similarly, it ends in a beautiful waterfall.

Mondayacu Grand Canyon

Mondayacu Grand Canyon Visit (2:30 – 6:30 pm).  This trip starts with a 30 min hike along primary forest where guides will tell you all about the insects, animals and medicinal plants found here and their uses, the walk is a little bit taxing so be prepared and bring comfortable shoes. Take a bath in this beautiful pool that flows out of a canyon with water temperatures that go from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius and explore the insides of the cave where the 10-meter water jump flows through, a stunning place for taking pictures and enjoying a healthy lunch. Includes lunch, shuttle, and pictures.

Cocoa Presentation

Ever wondered how one of the sweetest pleasures on earth is made? Come to our chocolate making workshop and learn to turn cocoa into the sweet sin we all love

Huasquila Lodge – 4 days/3 nights Itinerary

Huasquila Lodge offers 2,3 and 4-day itineraries. Below you will find the full 4-day program which you can personalize as you wish during your stay.
Day 1: Arrival to Lodge/ Jumandy Caves/ Chocolate Experience

Upon arrival at the lodge, you will enjoy a nice lunch. After a short break head to the caves of the indigenous warrior Jumandy, where you will enjoy the mysticism of this fabulous underground world. After this trip, we will return to the lodge, where a delicious dinner awaits us accompanied by a “frog concert” from the lagoon in front of the restaurant. Later, you will be the protagonist of a chocolate session in which you will learn about its elaboration process, starting by roasting the cacao beans, continuing with the grinding until tasting a delicious dessert.

Day 2: Jungle Trek / Bat Cave Exploration / Waterfall / Guayusa Plantation / Kichwa Community visit
After breakfast, you will drive to Tena, the capital city of the Napo province and then to the Jatunyaku River (rafting type 3+) where we will embark on a 23 km full rafting trip (about 3 hours) across the Llanganates National Park, full of adrenaline and adventure. This activity includes; first aid training, rafting protective equipment, box lunch, and safety kayak at all times. Return to the lodge where you can enjoy the pool and jacuzzi and then an exquisite dinner.
Day 3: Grand Canyon / Waterfall pool and Caves 
After breakfast and a short drive, you will go on an adventurous hike to the Grand Canyon, known as the secret lake, a magical place surrounded by rocks, waterfalls, trees, birds, and caves. Here you can jump from the cave to the waterfall pool where you can immerse yourself in its energetic waters. After these activities, you will enjoy a delicious box lunch at this unique and hidden spot. In the evening return to the lodge where you will enjoy a delicious dinner.
Day 4: Caves and Waterfalls / Farewell to Lodge
After breakfast, we will start a jungle trek (3h approx.) surrounded by primary and secondary forest where we will cross a 120-meter long cave where you can find fruit bats. A few meters away and with our native guide, we will head to the “Mondayaku” waterfall which is 14 meters high, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its waters. Upon return, you will visit a Guayusa plantation and factory. You will enjoy a delicious lunch and check out. End of services 

Huasquila 2020 Rates

Huasquila 2020 Rates

How to Get to Huasquila Lodge

Huasquila Private Transfer Service

Pick up service from your hotel to Huasquila Amazon Lodge is offered, which includes the flexibility to stop at Guangolodge where you can observe a variety of hummingbirds and on the way back stop at the Papallacta hot springs with thermal pools and spa. You will travel in a comfortable and safe manner. Private Car The trip takes about 3.5 hours from Quito.

Traveling by Public Transportation

Several companies travel daily to Tena: Transportes Baños, Amazonas, and Jumandy are the most well-known ones. The bus leaves from the bus station that, in Spanish, is Terminal Terrestre, and the journey takes approximately 5 hours. When entering the bus tell the driver that you are going to Cotundo, where you must take a taxi to Huasquila. The cost for the bus is approximately $8 per person and the taxi is approximately $3. Call the lodge at (593)-987646894 if you have any issues.

Make your own way

1. Quito to Cumbaya (15 to 30 mins):

  • From Quito take the Guayasamín Tunnel and head toward Cumbaya-Tumbaco using the Av. Interoceanica.
  • This should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic. Avoid traveling from 7 am to 9:30 am because the tunnel is closed for one-direction traffic flow.

2. From Tumbaco to Baeza (approx. 1h30 minutes, 88 km):

  • Continue on the Av. Interoceanica.
  • Cross the Chiche Bridge (metal bridge).
  • Stay on the main road (3 lanes per direction). Do not turn to go to the new airport; instead, follow the same road toward Pifo.
  • After the turnoff to the airport, you will reach a ‘Y,’ stay to the left toward Papallacta-Baeza highway. The road has two lanes (one lane in each direction). Be careful because expansion work is being done on the road.
  • Upon reaching the summit called La Virgen, there is a great view of the Antisana volcano if it clear. Keep driving and you will reach the Papallacta Lake. Take the new road on the right side (the old one also will take you to Papallacta, but it is in very poor condition).
  • Pass the village of Papallacta and follow the main road. At 16 km past Papallacta, you will pass the village of Cuyuja.
  • Continue on the same route, and after 15 km you will reach the village of Huagrayacu (here there is a police checkpoint and a large gas station).
  • At 5 km past the control, take the exit on the right toward the Baeza-Tena highway. Drive through the town of Baeza.

3. Baeza – Cotundo – Huasquila (67 km, approximately 1h20 minutes.)

  • About 18 km after passing the town of Baeza, you will reach Cosanga. Follow the road and ascend to reach the peak called La Virgen (there is a scenic viewing site here).
  • The asphalt road ends here and the concrete road begins, be aware of sharp curves. Continue on this road until you reach Cotundo. There is only one chance to get lost on a detour, but signs clearly indicate the direction to Tena (continue straight on the road) and the diversion to Coca (do not take it). You will drive past the village of Jondachi (you will see a large aluminum bridge). Contundo is 10 km further. Enter the village by leaving the road on the right.
  • Finally, once you are in the village Cotundo, drive past the village church, past the soccer field, past a giant stone beside the road, and straight on to the end of the village, where you’ll find a ‘Y.’ You should be able to see the Huasquila sign. Take the road to the left.
  • From there it is 3 km to reach Huasquila, at 1.5 km is the village of Buenos Aires and at 1.9 km, before reaching Huasquila, is the community “9th June,” where you go to the right. Immediately after a small bridge, you will be in Huasquila.
Everyone from Cotundo knows Huasquila, so if necessary, ask for directions from the locals or call the lodge (593)-987646894.
Instructions From Tena
  • From Tena take the road to Quito (4 lane road). This starts in the Jumandy roundabout in Tena, the last roundabout with a monument of the warrior Jumandy.
  • After 10 km you will reach a large bridge and the village of Archidona. Follow the concrete bypass road.
  • At the end of the bypass find another roundabout and a Primax gas station.
  • Continue on the road toward Quito
  • Measure 7 km (going by the Jumandy Caves).
  • Drive through the village of Cotundo, pass the village church, pass the soccer field, pass a giant stone beside the road, and go straight to the end of the village.
  • At the ‘Y’ intersection you’ll see a sign for Huasquila. Turn left here.
  • From there it is 3 km to Huasquila, at 1.5 km is the village of Buenos Aires and at .9 km, before reaching Huasquila, is the community “9th June,” where you will turn right.
  • You’ll see another sign for Huasquila. At 600 meters past this sign, turn left, follow the road, pass over a bridge, and you will have arrived at the parking lot.
Everyone from Cotundo knows Huasquila, so if necessary, ask for directions from the locals or call the lodge (593)-987646894.

Packing List for Huasquila Lodge

  • Passport
  • Binoculars
  • Headlamp / Flashlight and batteries
  • Insect repellent (if possible not chemical)
  • Sun protection (sun cream / sunglasses / hat or cap)
  • Water bottle
  • Lightweight long pants and long-sleeved shirts for walks
  • Shorts, short sleeve shirts and bathing suit for the lodge
  • Comfortable shoes and sandals, socks
  • Small day pack
  • Camera, film, and flash
  • Plastic bags to protect cameras, binoculars, film, etc… from rain