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When you book your Galapagos cruise and Ecuador vacation with us you will work directly with the owner – Andrés Salazar 

I will personally help you plan, book and enjoy a perfect Ecuador and Galapagos vacation. I will make sure your trip runs smoothly and will join you whenever possible. 

Contact me directly and start planning your Ecuador holiday! 

The Best Galapagos Last Minute Deals

Galapagos Last MInute Deals...

We have the best Galapagos Last Minute Deals hands down!

Galapagos Connoisseur is the only website with up-to-date Galapagos Last-MInute cruise availability. We work hand-in-hand with the best Galapagos cruise operators to provide you with the best last-minute Galapagos deals!

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Concierge

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Concierge

Nowadays, there is a ton of travel information online. You can know everything and nothing about a destination. It’s hard to maneuver in Ecuador if you are not a local. We will help plan your trip, provide helpful tips, restaurant advice, shopping know-how and will be there for you 24/7. Always ready to answer any question you might have or help you with any difficult situation during your time in Ecuador. Booking with us is like having a friend, buddy or “pana” in Ecuador. 

Book your Tailor-Made Tour

We don´t like ready-made packaged tours like you can find with other travel companies in Ecuador. We want to craft a tour with you. We mix your ideas and must-see checklist with our local experience and know-how. This way we can design a personalized hand-crafted Galapagos and Ecuador experience for you, your family and friends. We can discuss your travel plans over a private call. Over the phone we will exchange ideas, get to know you better and help you plan a trip that meets your needs and travel style. 


Get ready to go on the best tour in Quito by far! 

The Cooking Class tour is a must if you are visiting Quito. We will have a great time visiting a market and learning about everyday life in Quito. The cooking class takes place in an amazing venue smack in the middle of downtown Quito. 

Come have a great time exploring Quito with us! 

Plan your Ecuador and Galapagos trip with us

The Galapagos are back

Experience Galapagos

We will help you plan and book your Galapagos vacation. Whether you prefer cruising on a yacht or staying on land Galapagos is an amazing destination! 

Our Galapagos travel options include: 

  • The best deals on Galapagos Cruises.  
  • Personalized island hopping tours. 
  • Scuba diving day tours and liveaboards. 
Quito the city of cool

What to do in Quito...

Quito is ¨the city of cool¨. You will discover there is something fun and authentic to do in Quito for just about everyone.  

Our unique and signature tours include: 

Ecuador a la carte

Ecuador a la carte

Ecuadorians are a very hospitable bunch. Let us show you a bit of this renowned Ecuadorian hospitality when you tour our beautiful country with us.  

Our Ecuador a la carte experiences include: