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Galapagos Connoisseur offers plenty of options for your Galapagos Travel needs.

You can choose to book one of our many cruise options, decide to stay on land and explore the Islands on a hotel based tour, opt for a combination of both or consider diving in the islands. Nevertheless, it’s always a bit complicated to make a decision.

Best Galapagos Travel Option 

With so many cruise options available you might find yourself overwhelmed and unsure about what the best option for your Galapagos travel is. Here is where we come in, we know what yachts will match your Galapagos travel needs, budget, and sought after experience. Guiding you through the booking process, finding availability for you, letting you know about new yachts, explaining what itinerary would best suit you, and helping you make the best and most educated decision. 

Island hopping or land-based tours are also a great option, but you really need someone to help you make the most out of this particular type of trip. Our connoisseurs will explain what the difference in accommodation is, the best visits you can go on a land-based tour, what the advantages of a land-based tour are, and personalize your trip in order for you to have an amazing experience. If you would like to go diving while visiting the Galapagos, we can certainly help with that as well. 

Lets us know what your Galapagos travel needs are by contacting us by phone, email or chat and we can craft an unforgettable trip for you! 


Galapagos Connoisseur

Galapagos travel connoisseurs

Our connoisseurs are experts in crafting unforgettable journeys to the Galapagos Islands. With years of experience planning and personalizing trips to the Islands and the know-how to recommend the best yachts, itineraries, hotels, and activities.

Why a Connoisseur?

Chat, email, or speak with your personal Galapagos Travel Connoisseur. This gives you peace of mind, saves you hours of research, makes everything hassle-free, and saves you money! 

Ask any question that comes to mind, get expert advice from true destination connoisseurs, and interact with someone who has been to the islands and knows them intimately. 

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"I visited the Galapagos with my mom. We had the time of our lives!
I was glad to have Andres help us with the booking. When we ran into an issue, he stepped up and made everything perfect for us."
Joseph Amiri
Traveler and Peace Corps friend