Our day tours from Quito are a bit different

Going on private day tours from Quito is a great way to see and experience what Ecuador has to offer. We stray away from the typical run of the mill tours and have re-imagined what a day tour can be. 

What to do with your spare time in Quito

You could be visiting Ecuador for business, leisure or just in transit for your flight to the Galapagos Islands. Nevertheless, you will most likely have some time in Ecuador’s capital city. Quito has been deemed as one of the most alternative, hip and cool cities in South America. You can visit Quito on our unique day tours. Furthermore, there are some great destinations close to Quito (no more than a 2-hour drive away). I have personally been to all the destinations and I know how you can easily personalize your tour. I can suggest great places to eat, cool stops along the way, off the beaten path activities, where to find a great cup of coffee, and much more!

We offer the following private day tours from Quito. I have included some of the possible tweaks and add-ons for each tour.

Mindo Cloudforest

Mindo has tons of activities you can partake in. You can visit an Ecuadorian coffee shop with amazing coffee.  Eat a Quinoa burger and Quinoa Sorbeto or taste some street food at the local market Go for a ride on the ski lift atop of the cloud forest or zip-lining like superman. Furthermore, take a dip in the river, visit a chocolate museum, and trek to the waterfalls nearby.  Mindo is my favorite city escape by far because you truly disconnect from city life and are surrounded by nature.

Otavalo Market

Our Otavalo Market private day tour is pretty awesome. I try to go to Otavalo and its surrounding often and know what makes for a cool tour. You will get to choose between various activities and can easily add-on visits or destinations that interest you. Firstly, on the way to Otavalo you can stop by the solar clock of Quitsato (the only Equator monument to be smack on zero latitude). Secondly, in the picturesque town of Cayambe you can make a stop for a second breakfast and enjoy the local biscuits which they bake right in front of you. Finally, we will take you to the best and most traditional place for these “bizcochos”, there you can also try the string cheese and dulce de leche (a type of caramel).

Before arriving to the town of Otavalo you can stop by the breathtaking San Pablo Lake and paddle on a canoe. Moreover, once in Otavalo, I will suggest some of my favorite things to do. Including; great places to eat, a place with the best pies in Ecuador, a hip coffee shop, and suggestions on what to look for at the Ponchos market. You can also choose to visit Cotacachi, a nearby town which sells the best leather products in Ecuador. Furthermore, you can stop by the Cuicocha Lake for some perfect pics. The trip is private and you can always add-on visits to a Hacienda or the Condor Park, its really up to you!

Quilotoa Crater Lake

I had not known about Quilotoa for too long and I decided to go see what it was all about. Let me tell you I loved it. Easily customize your trip to Quilotoa. Add a stop for pictures of the Cotopaxi Volcano, a stop at a local indigenous market, or a visit to local Andean art workshops. Furthermore, you can pass by the Ecuadorian Grand Canyon at the Toachi Canyon, and take a picture with a cute and friendly llama.

Additionally, once you arrive to the Quilotoa complex, you can go for a quick trek or bike ride around the Quilotoa Loop. You can also take in the magnificent views from the main overlook point or the Shalala overlook. Finally, trek down to the crater lake, kayak on the lake and make your way back on a donkey. The Quilotoa experience is mesmerizing and will leave an imprint on your soul.

Cotopaxi National Park Tour

For this tour you can choose your destiny. Go trekking, biking or horseback riding. Additionally, this tour is pretty cool since you get to do so much. You will visit the Cotopaxi Museum,  make it all the way up to the first refuge, walk on the glaciers, visit the Limpiopungo Lake, spot some wild horses running free, and mingle with llamas. On the other hand, its always a treat to take in the behemoth that is the Cotopaxi Volcano.

Join our private day tours from Quito and enjoy an unforgettable experience

Contact us for information about how we can customize a day tour to your exact needs. Let’s plan your time in Ecuador together and use our true local advice to get the most out of your Ecuador vacation!