Endemic the best Galapagos Luxury Expedition

The best Galapagos luxury expedition

The M/C Endemic is the newest and best Galapagos luxury expedition. The deluxe luxury catamaran has a capacity for 16 passengers, eleven crew members plus a naturalist bilingual guide. Being the first catamaran of a new generation of catamarans, the Endemic boasts elegant exteriors, spacious social areas, and high-end suites with a private French-style private balcony. Sailing between the islands is sleek and fast due to the Endemic’s design which delivers superb stability when cruising the archipelago.

Expect the best guides

The Natural History of the Galapagos Islands are emphasized aboard the M/C Endemic, guides are handpicked for their knowledge about biology and ecology in addition to having excellent people skills.

What does a deluxe luxury Galapagos cruise entail?

  • Top-notch service
  • Gourmet food
  • Cruise manager on board who will make sure everything is perfect during your stay.
  • Private French-style balconies in all suites
  • Handpicked decor
  • Ample and luxurious social areas and Jacuzzi on sundeck

Accommodation aboard Camila Trimaran

Onboard the Endemic, the eight Golden Panoramic Suites are spacious and comfortable, four suites are located on the main deck and the rest on the upper deck. Each suite has a private French-style balcony; all suites have personalized marine air conditioning and panoramic views of the islands with floor to ceiling windows and glass doors. An ample social area, closet/drawer, desk, and sofa-bed are part of each suite. Convertible beds (matrimonial/twin beds) are available in each suite for flexible accommodation. Each suite has a private bathroom equipped with hot/cold water and luxury amenities.

Main Deck

On the main deck, the Endemic features a briefing area, and it is also the point of information for your Galapagos travel, here you will find videos, books, and personalized assistance. The interior passenger’s lounge and dining area offer a panoramic view of the islands during sailing and excursions and during meals. Two platforms allow passengers on and off the catamaran, offering easy access to the yacht.

Upper Deck

Passengers can access the Upper Deck using an interior staircase. There are four suites, a sun terrace and a secluded social area for relaxation and wildlife observation. The Endemic also features a single cabin with a private balcony. Passengers can also reach the upper levels of the Endemic using the exterior staircases. On the Sky Deck, the Endemic features an alfresco dining option, well-stocked bar, exterior lounge, BBQ station, jacuzzi, sun chairs, and a covered seating area. It is a shaded area where delicious drinks are served while enjoying the islands in style!

Perfect for a group of friends

The Endemic is perfect for odd-numbered groups of friends. Groups of 3,5 and 7 travel companions can take advantage of the single cabin which does not incur a single supplement.

Onboard the Endemic Deluxe Luxury Catamaran you will enjoy:

  • Beautiful spacious suites
  • A single cabin option which includes a private balcony
  • Panoramic ocean view windows to fully enjoy the Galapagos
  • Private French-style balconies in every suite
  • Spacious closets and safebox
  • En suite remote-controlled air conditioner
  • Bedside drawers with charging ports
  • Writing desk
  • Living room area in each suite

Endemic Itineraries explained

Onboard this deluxe luxury catamaran, you will have 6 itineraries to choose from:

Endemic 4-day D Itinerary

The 4-day D itinerary visits Bartholomew island, here you can catch the perfect view of Pinnacle Rock, and take the quintessential picture of the Galapagos Islands

The best snorkeling site in the Galapagos Islands
Snorkeling Devil’s Crown

You will also visit Floreana Island which is one of my favorite islands in the Galapagos. Here you get to learn a bit about Galapagos History and you will go snorkeling at the Devil´s Crown – the best snorkeling site in the Galapagos Islands.

Endemic 5-day C Itinerary

The 5-day C itinerary will take you to San Cristobal island with its surrounding highlights which include:

  • Kicker Rock: Great landscapes and better snorkeling
  • Dragon Hill: Beautiful trek and a chance to spot all 3 types of boobies
  • Witch Hill: Pristine beach with tons of wildlife and a chance to kayak
  • Lobos Island: Swim with sea lions and get to spot Nazca boobies

On top of all this, you finish your Galapagos journey with a visit to Española island where you get to swim with sea lions and if you are lucky you will get a chance to watch the albatross taking off a cliff…truly magnificent!

Endemic 6-day A&B Itineraries

The 6-day E itinerary is a longer version of the 4-day D itinerary which adds a visit to the Northern island of Genovesa. The 6-day F itinerary is a shorter version of the 8-day A itinerary, it takes out the visit to Genovesa Island. I think it’s a good option for travelers that want to visit the Western Islands of the Galapagos archipelago but don’t have a full week to spare.

Thinking out-loud…

I’ve always thought that 4 and 5 day itineraries were too short and 8-day itineraries a bit too long, so having two 6-day options is great IMHO.

Endemic 8-day B Itinerary

The 8- day B itinerary combines both the 4 and 5-day itineraries into one week-long itinerary visiting plenty of Galapagos highlights.

Endemic 8-day A Itinerary

The 8- day A itinerary visits the sought after Western Islands in style! You get to visit Isabela and Fernandina islands, where you will find abundant wildlife and a guaranteed superb experience. On top of all this, you finish your Galapagos journey with a visit to Genovesa island, aka ¨bird island¨. Here you will get a chance to spot all 3 types of boobies and a plethora of birdlife.

Connoisseur Tip:

After analyzing all six itineraries aboard the Endemic, I can easily say that the very best itinerary they have is the week-long A itinerary. This itinerary will take you to the sought after Western Islands of Isabela and Fernandina, and up north to Genovesa Island. Highly recommended!

If you don’t have a week to spend in the Galapagos, a 6-day itinerary will provide a great and complete experience in the archipelago.

Come aboard and mingle with Endemic Galapagos species aboard the brand new luxury Galapagos expedition – ENDEMIC…

Endemic itineraries

Endemic, rates, inclusions, exclusions, important info and specs

For up to date rates and availability please use our GALAPAGOS SEARCH TOOL there you will find all options available for your travel dates, rates, availability and tons of information and pictures that will help you choose your dream Galapagos cruise.

Rates include:

  • Transfers airport/yacht/airport in Galapagos Airport reception and assistance
  • Guided excursions according to the itinerary
  • Top bilingual National Park Guide (English / Spanish)
  • Cruise Service Officer
  • Activity daily briefing
  • All meals and snacks
  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Captain’s welcome and farewell cocktail
  • Supplied expedition gear (see important information section)

Rates do not include:

  • Round flight to Galapagos
  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee ($100 USD p.p. payable in cash upon arrival to Galapagos)
  • (INGALA) Transit control card - payable in cash at the Guayaquil/Quito airports
  • Alcoholic and bottled beverages
  • Tips for guide and crew
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Micro SD

Important Information:

  • Prices in US dollars
  • Rates per person and based on double occupancy
  • Suites have King size beds or two twin beds
  • Rates are subject to change
  • New charges will be informed in a timely manner

High Occupancy dates and policies

For Christmas and New Year´s Eve departures:
  • A 10% surcharge applies
  • Charter rates do not apply
  • 100% Single Supplement applies

Single Suite

  • Single supplement for suites, 50%. Not applicable during high occupancy dates.

Additional accommodation

The single cabin accommodates additional travelers who are part of odd-numbered groups or families. No single supplement applies. This cabin is not available for solo passengers.

Children Policy

The 25% discount for children applies per child (#1) when traveling with two adults. Children must be under 12 years old when they board the cruise, Not applicable on New Year´s Eve and Christmas departures. Dietary Restrictions Any kind of specific food requests must be informed to your Galapagos Connoisseur rep in advance. Endemic is flexible and eager to prepare special and delicious meals for its guests based on food preferences, tastes, and ingredients or traditions.

Supplied expedition gear

  • Transparent sea kayaks
  • Stand-up Paddleboards
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask,snorkel and fins)
  • Wet suits
  • Water container
  • Expedition Binoculars
  • Action Camera
  • Micro SD Card (incurs surcharge)
Endemic Specs

Social Areas aboard the Endemic

The dining room and Alfresco dining:

  • Onboard the Endemic, you will enjoy local and international gourmet meals prepared by a professional chef. You will have a chance to enjoy your meals outside (alfresco) or indoors in the luxurious dining room.

Lounge area:

  • Take a load off in the spacious lounge area on the main deck. The lounge features beautiful decor. It’s also a great place to get a drink from the bar and where you will get your daily briefing sessions.


  • Chillax on the well-equipped sundeck, which includes; an Al-Fresco dining option, a hot-tub which can fit up to eight guests and a Leo DiCaprio type feeling of being the “King of the World”. Truly a remarkable trimaran inside and out!