Unique Amazon Lodges close to Quito

Amazon lodges located in the Tena area are easily accessible by car or bus. Tena lodges provide an introduction to the Amazon Rainforest and a lite disconnect from modern day life.

The great thing about lodges in Tena is how close they are to Quito. You can easily plan for a short stay (2-3 days) at a Tena Lodge, which will provide a great lite-disconnect from everything. These lodges are great for family travel since you might not want to venture deep inside the jungle with kids or elderly guests. You will still have cellphone reception and in most lodges access to WiFi and convenience stores at a nearby town. Tena lodges are a perfect add-on to your Ecuador travel plans since you can add a couple of days after a trip to Baños or if you have time to kill while in Quito. You don’t need 4-5 days to experience these lodges either. I just came back from a Tena Lodge (3-day stay) and I really liked the fact that I was away from it all but close enough to be able to read my email, answer phone calls and do some work while enjoying beautiful views and a lite disconnect from everyday life. They are also quite budget-friendly.