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Mama Negra Andean Licor

I came across this local drink having dinner with a couple of clients at Lucia Pie House in Cumbaya.

Mama Negra Andean Licor is a sugar cane licor with aromatic herbs. It has a kick to it (40% alc), it’s also smooth and sweet. Mama Negra is distilled in Lasso, Cotopaxi. The province of Cotopaxi enjoys important cultural traditions which are evidenced during the renowned festivities of Pujili and the emblematic Mama Negra festival in Latacunga. The liquor is three times distilled and filtered and aromatized with local flavors such as capuli, cinnamon, and Guayusa. Highly recommended!

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Back to the subject at hand, when I travel around Ecuador with my clients or family I like to find, try and discover new products made locally. Be it a great liquor, coffee shop, clothing apparel, or some interesting souvenir. I’ve been seeing new products pop up all around Ecuador, small business endeavors making quality and unique products.

On this blog, I will post new exciting things I find during my travels in beautiful Ecuador. Keep tuned!

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