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November 01, 2018

Its the end of October and Ecuadorians get ready for one of my favorite festivities. Not only do we all get 2 days off work, we get to enjoy the renowned Guaguas de Pan (decorated bread dolls) and the Colada Morada (a purple fruit concoction). I love this time of year in Quito, the weather finally changes from scorching hot to cooler days and chilly nights.

During this time you can find the guaguas de pan and colada morada all over Quito, with every bakery and pastry shop boasting their recipes as being the most traditional, better tasting or more creative in town.

I love the Colada Morada made in Quito, its a bit thicker and sweater than most and ever so tasty.

Regarding the guaguas, back in the day they were just human shaped bread dolls with a slight decoration and no stuffing. Nowadays you can find all types of stuffed and decorated guaguas in all shapes and sizes. The “new” guaguas can come stuffed with; mora (blackberry), guayaba (endemic fruit), dulce de leche, cheese, and even Nutella.

If you are in town during Oct-Nov make sure to stop by a pastry or bakery shop and savor this culinary tradition that will keep you coming back for more.