The capital of Ecuador is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer. Galapagos Connoisseur offers these unique tours in Quito; 

  • HIPstoric Quito Day Tour 
  • Historic Center + Equator Tour 
  • Coffee Experience in Historic Quito 
  • Craft Beer Tour in Urban Quito 


Going on a day tour a couple of hours away from Quito is great! 

  • Get lost in the Otavalo indigenous market 
  • Experience the cloud forest on a trip to Mindo 
  • Go trekking or biking at the Cotopaxi Volcano 
  • Be amazed at the Quilotoa Crater Lake 

Private Day Tours Overview

Day tours in and around Quito are a great way to get to see and experience a little more of what Ecuador has to offer. 

We have done our best to stray away from the typical run of the mill tours and have re-imagined what a day tour can be. 

Whether you have a free morning, free evening or a couple of days to spare we can find something great for you to do! 

Our experiences include: 

  • Half day tours in Quito 
  • Full day tours in Quito 
  • Bike tours in and around Quito (Urban Quito, Cotopaxi, Antisana, Chaquiñan Bike Route, Nono-Mindo bike tours) 
  • Experience tours in Mindo, Otavalo, and Quilotoa 
  • HIPstoric Quito Day Tour 
  • And afternoon and evening tours in Quito (Coffee experience and Craft Beer Tour) we are the only agency that offers these two tours. 

Get ready to experience Quito like a local and make your way to amazing destinations close by! 

Shared Day Tours 

Shared day tours are great for solo travelers and a small group. You can easily join a tour any day of the week. 

These shared tours are great to meet new people and have a blast at distinct destinations. You will have an English speaking guide and transportation, to make these tours hassle-free and quite budget-friendly. Booking these tours is very easy and can be done with a day’s notice. Hop on the tour at the meeting point usually in the Old Town or Plaza Foch area. 

If you have some time to kill while in Quito don’t hesitate to inquire about these shared day tours which will take you exploring in: 


  • Monday – City Line ($60 USD per person) 
  • Tuesday – Otavalo Market ($65 USD per person) 
  • Wednesday – Cotopaxi Trekking ($65 USD per person) 
  • Thursday – Quilotoa Crater ($65 USD per person) 
  • Friday – Mindo Cloudforest ($65 USD per person) 
  • Saturday – Otavalo Market or Cotopaxi Trekking ($65 USD per person) 
  • Sunday – Quilotoa Crater ($65 USD per person)